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 Museum of Art & History – Louis Senlecq

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The museum of art and history Louis Senlecq labeled “museum of France” is housed in an old mansion called “small hotel Bergeret” whose origin dates back to the eighteenth century.

From 2016, the museum of art and history Louis Senleq takes a new direction: a perennial space is now dedicated to permanent collections and part of the hanging will be renewed between each temporary exhibition.
On the ground floor, a section will be dedicated to the presence of the Conti princes in L’Isle-Adam in the eighteenth century; a new development will host a selection of terracottas by Joseph Le Guluche (1849-1915) from the Adamese factories and finally, a room will be dedicated to Jules Dupré (1811-1889), painter and landscape designer on the banks of the Oise. Other artists in the collection will be honored as Jules-Romain Joyant, Adolphe Wilette and Jacques Henri Lartigue.

Each year, the museum will host a temporary exhibition devoted to the enhancement of contemporary artists. This year the exhibition will be dedicated to Claude Viseux, a painter, sculptor and draftsman, born in Champagne-sur-Oise.

The Impressionist’s Valley and painting


Come discover the landscapes that inspired the painters of the School of the edges of the Oise, and its leader, Jules Dupré (1811-1889), installed in L’Isle-Adam.
It is a landscape painting, characterized by effects of light and an important impasto of the pictorial material. With these paintings, the landscape becomes a subject in itself, and outdoor painting (and no longer in his studio) is needed. Dupré and Rousseau were joined by Camille Corot (1796-1875), Charles-François Daubigny (1817-1878), and a little later by Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) who settled all near each other, animated by the desire to paint the enchanting sites of Isle-Adam, Valmondois, Pontoise, Auvers-sur-Oise to name a few.




Glass blower


Wishing to reconnect with the tradition of craftsmanship initiated at the end of the 19th century with the terracotta factories where talented sculptors like Joseph Le Guluche worked, L’Isle-Adam welcomed in 2007 Cyril-John Rousseau, glass blower with cane. He uses techniques of Italian and Swedish origin such as encalmo and watermarks. He is particularly interested in the art of the table, sculpture and interior decoration.
An art as meticulous as sumptuous, to discover!

Visit the blog of Cyril-John Rousseau.


Exhibitions & festivals


Always a museum of many painters, L’Isle-Adam has preserved the heritage of this rich artistic past. Many exhibitions are offered throughout the year: Artistic Fair, Art Market, Spring Fair, the Photographic Days, …

For more information: The events agenda of the city.


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